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College is not just a place, where the career oriented students focuses on study, while others just spend the time and sometimes attend the class. Usually, it is a place, where a person learns to be ‘whole student’. In education sector, the competition has become very tough, where every student wants to grab the first spot. To minimize the burden, sports or cultural events are necessary. You may be agree or disagree with the fact but that’s the true. On college campus, extracurricular activities work as key tool for the students to enhance their personal skills.

Some people may think that college is just for study and the sports and cultural meets are not important for the students. As we all know that young people are always energetic but they lead towards depression soon too. So, it becomes very essential to keep their mind away from sadness. The extracurricular activities not only fill students’ mind with positivity but also help them to improve their skills like dedication, involvement, balance and leadership. These skills prepare a strong future of a student. The leadership experience and holding responsibilities in these activities create a way to demonstrate headship in future.

While participating in these activities, students learn to take part in them with full dedication. These activities strengthen the leadership skills of a person. The students learn to balance their study and personal lives through these meets. Where cultural meets keep the people connected with their culture while the sports meets keep them physically fit and mentally stable. While pursuing in these outside class activities, students can learn several things about themselves.

There are some colleges in the country, who are against these extracurricular activities. According to them, the students of engineering, management and other course, which need lots of concentration, do not require any activity, but according to us the fact is against the students. Here, at DMCET, extracurricular activities are the part of the study. The activities that are arranged for the students not only enjoyed by them but also help them to learn new things.

The activities that are organized by DMCET are usually related to cultural, sports and study. In these meets, the participants can showcase their skills and can strengthen them. Apart from the activities, we also arrange several events that can be enjoyed by the students. To know more about the extra activities of DMCET, stay tune with us.