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Being involved in the Co-Curricular Activities is something that is addressed starting at presentations, orientation, activities fairs, within residence halls, and in most college publications. However, what does being involved mean to you? Research shows that there are many benefits from being engaged in co-curricular activities such as improved time management skills, a great connection or level of satisfaction with the institution, or higher leadership skill sets. It provides great opportunities for networking, meeting peers that one normally would not get the opportunity to meet, professional development, leadership training, and skill sets like organization. Involvement in the campus or local community is something that makes every individual a well-rounded and ideal candidate for a job upon graduation.

All the students are expected to take part in all the co-curricular activities of the Institution like seminars, project works, Science andTechnology Forum, Engineering and Educational tours.

The benefits with being involved are found personally, professionally, and socially. Many find through their involvement, that they have grown as a leader and have more confidence working in groups, leading a team, and have the freedom to explore new or continued interests or hobbies. Being a member of Co-Curricular Activities also allows for an arena of fun and an environment in which to relax after a long day of classes.